D E L I RIUM is the brainchild of Alun Evans, the guy who started Antipodean Coffee somewhat by accident back sometime last decade. Antipodean has since grown to be the leading Kiwi themed cafe chain in Southeast Asia with cafes in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

D E L I RIUM is something new, something fresh. Think of Antipodean as being Cafe 101, D E L I RIUM takes graduates to a higher level of Cafe-ism. The food is more sophisticated, yet retains the comfortable aura that is the norm for cafes that have their inspiration from somewhere along Courtney Place or Little Bourke Street.

A while back Alun meet Rob. This isn't some romantic story of star crossed lovers, quite the opposite infact, opposites attract in the food business. Rob is a Chef, actually from the same small home town back in NZ. Rob came up to Malaysia to work with Antipodean in 2014, but after a stint ended back down under in Wellington.

In early 2015 Alun and Rob began talking about a concept cafe that would allow the show casing of fresh produce, new ideas and delicious delectables in a way that the sheer size of Antipodean doesn't allow. The idea to offer great fresh cafe food, at an affordable price and with a twist of Southern flair is what is D E L I RIUM.

About Alun
Alun began his career scrapping burnt food off Pizza pans in a small Pizza joint in his home town of Upper Hutt at the tender age of 14. His dear parents insisted that if he wanted to buy a car, he had to make the money himself. A few (ahem) years later he is still in the business, having been responsible for founding the Indonesian coffee roaster, Merdeka Coffee and the Kiwi Cafe business, Antipodean.

About Rob
Rob is a chef through and through. He has worked for such Kiwi Icons as The Boulcott Street Bistro, Felix Cafe and the Icon Restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand. He has a passion for travel to experience new Cuisine from all corners of the earth. He is a big softy at heart, so while he looks mean in the kitchen- he is more likely than not to give you a hug if you run into him on the dining room floor.

AsadAsad (left) and Chef RobThe Cafe
The cafe is designed to reflect the colours and moods of 2 parts of the world- New Zealand (of course) and the Mediterranean. The colours of water and warm, clear summer days are reflected in the tile work on the bar and the colours running through the upholstery of the cafe. The food also reflects this idea of fresh and healthy while being also unbelievably delicious.

Delirium - Verb, being somewhat crazy or out of control (Cuisine wise of course)
Deli - Noun, A place that sells specialised food
Rum, N, old Latin - A room or a place.