Big Breakfast: Toast, eggs, hash brown, mushroom, chicken/beef sausage, beef bacon  30
Eggs Benedict with beef bacon  26
Eggs Marlborough with salmon  26
Almond, date & cinnamon bricher muesli  18
Grapefruit, mash pear & honey 16
Apple pancakes, medjool date & pecan  22
Pancakes blueberry with honey mascarpone ice cream  22
Pancakes banana with creme caramel  20

Banana nut waffles with homemade manuka honey ice cream  22
French toast with caramelised banana & cinnamon compote  20 
Toast butter and jam  12
Fresh croissant with butter and jam  12
Rhubarb granola with mascarpone  20
Haloumi and garlic mushroom on toast with smashed tomato  24

Omelette - plain/cheese and mushroom/smoked salmon  22/24
Scrambled egg on toast with feta and spinach  20
Scrambled egg, roast pumpkin and feta on rocket, on toast  22
Stack of corn fritters with spicy chicken & poached Egg  22
Mushrooms on toast / with mascarpone and tomato pesto  20

Zucchini fritter with pumpkin, smoked salmon poached egg  25
Smoked Salmon Kedgeree (rice) with poached egg  22
Oatmeal porridge with banana, honey and brown sugar  18
Dill potato cake with poached eggs, garlic yoghurt and sage butter  20 
Shitake mushroom porridge with poached egg and spinach  20

Open Turkish sandwich with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers  24
Open Turkish sandwich with avocado spread, basil, ricotta and poached eggs  24
Fresh fruit salad with pistachio and lemon mint sorbet ice cream  20

Add extras  12
Sauteed Pumpkin
Beef Bacon
Chicken/Beef Sausages

Add extras  14
Smoked Salmon (50gm)
Haloumi Cheese/Feta Cheese