Almond, date and cinnamon Bircher muesli

Bagel with Pesto + Beef

Banana but waffles with homemade manuka honey ice-cream

Beetroot, carrot and nut salad with a ginger dressing

Dill potato cake with poached eggs, garlic yoghurt and sage butter

Fresh fruit salad with pistachio and lemon mint sorbet ice cream

Grapefruit with sugar, pear mash and honey

Grapes grilled served with rosemary onnricotta and sea salt

Haloumi and garlic mushroom on toast with smashed tomota

Lamb and beef meatballs on tomato linguine

Lamb Burger

Mince on toast with melted cheese and poached egg

Mini Pavlova

Open bagel with avocado spread, basil, ricotta and poached eggs

Pancakes apple, medjool date and pecan

Pancakes banana with creme caramel

68 Different Drinks





Sustainable Sources

When thinking about sustainability it is important that we think about where things come from and how they get to us.

At DELIRIUM, we go through in detail on every food sources that comes to DELIRIUM Caffeinators. We prefer local supplies, we strongly avoid farms who uses artificial fertilisers and genetically modified organisms, and opt for food with fair-trade seals. 

Local Produce

We prefer to use "local produce" food products, that is organically grown, from the local farmers market.

Most of our food product are prepared at central kitchen which allow us to closely monitor our food quality, right from the farmers market to your table.

DELIRIUM Kuala Lumpur

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Menara Manulife
6 Jalan Gelenggang
Damansara Heights
Kuala Lumpur

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Kemang Hero Complex
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